5 Ways to Turn a Dad Bod into a Father Figure

Parenthood is a wonderful adventure but with children, life, and getting older, things can take a toll on our skin and physique. Father’s Day is coming up and if that special guy in your life has been wanting to feel better about himself and to transform, we’ve got some great ideas! Here are 5 ways The Medical Skin Clinic can help you turn a dad bod into a father figure.


Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo is changing everything about body sculpting! It’s the first and only non-invasive treatment for body sculpting that provides simultaneous fat burning and muscle toning. Emsculpt Neo is performed in convenient, 30-minute sessions, is pain-free with no side effects, and has zero downtime. You can get up and go back to your daily activities immediately following treatment. With Emsculpt Neo you can eliminate stubborn fat, tone muscle, and tighten skin so you can get that sculpted, contoured body that you may have had in the past but has gone away with time.


CoolSculpting is another great body sculpting treatment that focuses on eliminating stubborn fat from the body. CoolSculpting is non-invasive and it freezes stubborn fat cells while they’re still inside your body, killing them, so once they’re eliminated, they cannot return. CoolSculpting eliminates unwanted fat in 9 different areas of the body and requires no downtime! After a treatment, you can get up and go! 


Aging and stress can also wreak havoc on our skin and we all know that with both of those things come lines and wrinkles. Botox isn’t just for women! In fact, Botox for men, or “Brotox” as we often refer to it as, has become increasingly popular lately! Botox is a simple injectable appointment that relaxes the facial muscles and allows lines and wrinkles to smooth out. Botox can be injected into the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the eyes to soften lines. Botox can help the face appear younger, smoother, and brighter and is great for those dads who find their brows furrowing from time to time. 

Morpheus8 RF Microneedling

RF Microneedling is a great treatment for improving the texture and tone of skin. RF Microneedling works by creating tiny, micro-injuries in the skin which stimulate the healing process in the skin as well as the production of collagen and elastin. Morpheus8 is the latest and greatest technology for RF Microneedling. RF Microneedling is a great option for anyone who struggles with: acne or surgical scarring, enlarged pores, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation! 

Hair Restoration

Hair recession and loss are very common issues that many men face as they age. It can be caused by genetics,  stress and illness, or just simply time. Whatever the reason, hair loss can cause a person to lose confidence and struggle with their appearance. We are proud and excited to offer a hair restoration treatment that provides collagen production and restores hair loss! The EZ PRF treatment for the scalp uses your own platelet-rich fibrin and white blood cells to stimulate the scalp and help hair grow again. During the treatment, your blood is drawn and then spun in a machine that separates the PRF from the rest of the blood so that it can be injected back into the scalp. Results are great and can be seen in as few as 3 treatments! 

Get Dad the Perfect Gift

The favorite guys in your life work hard and they deserve to be treated to a little pampering and transformation every now and then. These are just a few suggestions of how you can help the special Dad in your life feel loved this Father’s Day. Keep in mind though, if none of these treatments seem right for him, you can never go wrong with a Medical Skin Clinic gift card! 

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