It’s the time of year to show your love, whether it’s for a special someone or just for yourself. At The Medical Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of services to give your natural beauty an extra boost, just in time for Valentine’s day.

Perfect Your Pout

Plump, kissable lips are a highly desirable feature. If your lips are naturally thin or have lost volume over time, dermal fillers may be a good solution. Products from JUVÉDERM® or Restylane® can be injected into the lips to give you a pout that looks naturally full. Treatment time is quick, and results can last for up to one year, depending on the formulation used. You may experience some redness or slight bruising, but these side effects will resolve within a few days.

Fresh, Glowing Skin

If you want to rejuvenate your complexion and have radiant skin without downtime, you may be a good candidate for Dermalinfusion. This treatment simultaneously exfoliates the surface, extracts impurities from the pores, and infuses the skin with serums that are specifically chosen for your needs. Even sensitive areas of the face, such as the lips and the skin around the eyes, can be treated. Results are immediate, and you can return to your regular activities—and even wear makeup—as soon as you are finished. For optimal results, a series of treatments may be recommended.

Young Woman Wearing Heart Glasses

Pamper Yourself . . .

Busy schedules, injuries, and everyday stressors can cause muscle tension, which in turn causes more pain and stress. Set aside some time for self-care and schedule a deep tissue massage. Slow strokes, deep pressure, and trigger point work can help release chronic muscle tension. Soma Cupping can be added to your massage to encourage circulation and provide even deeper relaxation. Regular massage sessions are often recommended for long-term stress management. We also offer Swedish, Thai, and clinical massage, depending on your needs.

. . . Or Pamper Someone Else!

It can be hard to find the perfect Valentine’s day gift, but we can help. Our team at The Medical Skin Clinic is dedicated to providing our clients with an exceptional, personalized experience, and we are happy to offer gift cards in any denomination for that special someone.


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